Below is a list of Kennedy coaches and Athletic Department staff, along with contact information.

Athletic Director: Amanda Twele (240) 740-0120

Athletic Trainer: Martin Tran 

Fall 2019 Sports

Cheerleading –  Emily Creamer (Varsity) and TBD (JV).

Cross Country – Head Coach Ryan Chew

Field Hockey – Joe Ortega (Varsity) and  Victoria King (Assistant), and TBD (JV)

Football – Brandon Driver (Varsity) and  Jack Bliss (JV) & Assistant Coaches: Serge Kona, Theo Kona, and Juan Rosas

Golf – Aaron Vactor

Poms – Melissa Jones

Boys Soccer – Kevin Joseph (Varsity) and Greg Milton (JV)

Girls Soccer – Nigel Bailey (Varsity) and TBD (JV)

Girls Volleyball – Dennis Lopez (Varsity) and Erin Lester (JV)

Winter 2019-2020 Sports

Boys Basketball – Diallo Nelson (Varsity) and Aaron Vactor (JV)

Girls Basketball – Carlos Smith (Varsity) and Michael Brevner (JV)

Bocce (Corollary) – Lawrence Bateman

Cheerleading – Emily Creamer (Varsity) and Victoria Kenno (Assistant)

Indoor Track & Field – Head Coach Ryan Chew

Poms – Melissa Jones

Swim and Dive – Bryn Blanchard

Wrestling – Larry Wexler (Varsity) and Paul Wexler (JV)

Spring 2020 Sports

Baseball – Josh Creighton (Varsity) and  Kris Beddingfield (JV)

Boys Lacrosse – TBD (Varsity) and TBD (JV)

Girls Lacrosse – Laura Perez (Varsity) and Athanasia Tsimbidis (JV)

Outdoor Track & Field – Head Coach Ryan Chew and Assistant Coaches TBD

Softball – Victoria Kenno (Varsity) and Joe Ortega (JV) & Victoria King (Assistant)

Boys Tennis – Charles Jefferson

Girls Tennis – Lieven Meert

Boys Volleyball – Aaron Vactor

Coed Volleyball – Dennis Lopez